Mad at Dad for Dec 18

The next episode of Mad at Dad is scheduled for Friday December 18th, at 10 PM Eastern / 7 PM Pacific. Here’s a direct link to the Mad at Dad Blab page, just in case the embed below isn’t working. If in doubt, you should always be able to come to this site during the show and find us via the embed on the top post of the page.

Come hear two middle aged dads talk about rock and roll, podcasting, Butler’s vacation in the north Georgia mountains, Slusher’s business trip and visit with family, coastal South Carolina and San Francisco CA. What’s a Monday Friday without your knuckleheaded friends?

PS – We intend to also have the regular show next Monday, so you are getting a lot of Mad At Dad for your podcasting dollar.

PPS – There are no podcasting dollars. However, if you want to feel free to throw some to the Rock and Roll Geek Patreon campaign!

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