Mad at Dad – Episode for Jan 18, 2016


Fourteenth time is the charm! You can listen to the audio below, subscribe to the podcast feed , subscribe and rate in iTunes.

On the fourteenth episode of Mad at Dad, Michael Butler and Dave Slusher discuss their weeks; Butler talks about making boudin while Slusher drools; we talk about the most recent rock deaths and play some Mott the Hoople; Butler gives Slusher his annual performance review and quizzes him about his day job; Slusher rants about the Facebook; the seeds of the Mad at Dad Musician Death Pool are planted; we play a song from the Nuge and Butler tells his story of almost meeting him as a teenager; we talk about fist fights we have known; another Nuge song takes us out.

Tune in every Monday at 7:15 Pacific / 10:15 Eastern, it’s a thing! Go to the Mad at Dad Blab page and follow to be notified whenever we go live on the air.

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