Mad at Dad – Episode for June 2, 2016


Twenty-ninth time is the charm! You can listen to the audio below, subscribe to the podcast feed , subscribe and rate in iTunes.

On the twenty-night episode of Mad at Dad, Michael Butler and Dave Slusher get together for the first time in weeks; Butler complains about Slusher’s microphone; Butler reads from the Myrtle Beach newspaper; Butler’s computer died and a listener saved him; Butler is learning to show dogs; Slusher has a beer fridge again; Butler and Chiaki went fishing; Martina’s boyfriend sings the National Anthem; Slusher had a big week in Vegas; Butler reads Chowhound reviews of the Rio buffet; Slusher likes roulette and hates craps; Slusher has been to the water park twice in the last week; we go out with some Ted Nugent.

Tune in every Monday at 7:15 Pacific / 10:15 Eastern, it’s a thing!

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