Mad at Dad – Episode for September 29, 2016


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On the forty-third episode of Mad at Dad we start it out with some Hey! Hello!; we have a return visit from Amy Bowen as she recaps her Dragon*Con experience; Butler has a secret donor; Slusher built Legos with his daughter; Butler reads Yelp reviews of a Conway Chinese restaurant; Casey proposed during a Featherwitch gig; Slusher builds a bear and scopes Yetis; Butler plays a new Ian Hunter song; Butler reminisces about interviewing Donovan; we hope to close on the Preacher season next time; happy birthday Alodie; we close with Beach Slang.

2 thoughts on “Mad at Dad – Episode for September 29, 2016”

  1. Wow. MB self corrected. “I’m not going to ask that question, it’s probably out of line” Must have been quite a question.

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