Mad at Dad – Episode for January 2, 2017



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On the fifty-third episode of Mad at Dad, Butler starts it out with a much better Donovan song; we have a Carrie Fisher eulogy from friend of the show Amy Bowen; we congratulate Monkey Claus for winning the 2016 Deathpool; Slusher sent Butler some Conway shirts; Butler almost died in his kayak; the boys discuss Deathpool strategies; Butler gets dissed by his daughter; the boys discuss Xmas presents and the holidays; doubling down on; Slusher doesn’t grieve for celebrities;  Slusher thinks the Flexapleasers did the best rock XMas tune ever; Butler deep fried black eyed peas for New Years; Butler is looking forward to the Fancy Food Show; there is no Mad at Dad patreon, give it to Michael Butler.

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