Mad at Dad – May 15, 2017: Throw Up Your Hands


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In this episode of Mad at Dad, we start out with Manic Street Preachers; Slusher’s mom died; we play a comment from Steve Wagner; your boys have some pants-shitting incidents; Slusher gets trashed at an alt-country show; Butler had some band drama; Slusher had all his domains shut down by hackers; Butler searches for a song about apologizing in advance and finds it on the newest I Don’t Cares album so we close out with it.

One thought on “Mad at Dad – May 15, 2017: Throw Up Your Hands”

  1. Hey, I’m getting name-checked by Mad at Dad. (Dreams DO come true…)

    Dave, I want to apologize again (I’ve left one on the FB page and another on the voicemail) for that comment I made about you and medicine vs. alternative medicine. I could have made my point without putting down yours. I gotta say, your comeback (“You know why they call it ‘alternative…'”) was very good.

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