Mad at Dad – July 24 2019: Andrew Elliot Has a Loose Sphincter

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Butler can’t be bought but he can be rented. Slusher is a casual Maiden fan at best.

One thought on “Mad at Dad – July 24 2019: Andrew Elliot Has a Loose Sphincter”

  1. Lucky we looked at the next show…Stitcher says it’s going to be…July 24….cant wait. .Oh I already listened to a good title to the book July 26 ,of the July 24 show……the title is good but as they say…. can’t judge a book by its cover. Stitched has 3 upcoming events…..all months and months already passed. You’d think nobody takes this seriously enough to keep this web page and internet language top of the RESULTS ON GOOGLE! IT says every Monday you are gunna hear a show…no promises…could be a shit show but it’s just a peek inside the Mad At Dad world. I remember laughing my ass off so much I was crying…and people sent in so many comments and recordings the Geek wouldn’t play em. You asked for some live moment captures of Resetting the clock and any other story…..i myself even sent one .My family and I were attacked by at least 2-300 seagulls…took all our picnic food….crapped all over us and everyone around us…my face looked like sour Greek yogurt with 2 cucumbered circles for eyes. Drippings so long from the head to my feet… my boots made a SQUISH SQUASH noise every step back to the changeroom. While everyone pointed and laughed you could’nt see my red face from all the “MAKEUP” , I told em. Well that story never got mention….just ignored because u thought it wasnt funny or you had too much info for a show…..well I showed it to my whole company….like we always listen at lunch time…..(ALWAYS NOW FOR 7 YEARS) AND THEY LAUGHED SO MUCH THEY PISSED THEMSELVES… yanked at one another to use the womens shitter..some even squatted on the sink in a line up…(never believed someone could drizzle like the letter t and cross the t along the whole sides of the crapper). This was all because you set the tone. But when you said you can’t say stuff if it didn’t happen ….and if your life is boring then that’s life…. then we all have nothing happening in our lives and we must be bored people. I DONT BELIEVE THAT! Listen every comedian knows what it takes…they know what we want to hear and why we tune in….they just want to be entertained! They want to have a minute to escape their miserable lonely lives….stressed out to the max! Hey they love your sense of humour and wit .They want to shit themselves with you if need be….thats as far as your fans will go! So give ’em something to remember you by…..Come on we dont wanna keep hearing about the trip to Aderabod and talk about the presentation on the Maturing habits of the triple sexed kiwi! I know I’m just one of your loyal listeners and you can say you’re bored and nothing goin on to talk about……but let me tell you just what a fan is thinkin….I won’t get a minute for you to put this on the show but you can be sure that Geeks show will get 10 minutes EASY because they bought you off with a DONATION. The geek gets more money in donations than all the pod casters combined….easy a 2 or 300 a show and if it’s value for value then Mad at Dad should be learning something from this and start getting the runns or play by play close ups of puking with Slusher as next show title….it sure ain’t far from the miles and miles of Colon and Spinchter out going events coming to a rest very soon close to you. I guess I can delete the picture of the record breaking LOG I delivered and by Jesus I never been so proud of the sight for sore eyes so produced….JUST FOR YOU. Yet, another example of some great material not mentioned. Babe Ruth could of used that bat for the last “POINT TO THE SPOT “where he would of let her go and some kid would be alive right now to tell us all about it …on yer show too. Seems to be a lot of stuff that disappears…that historic edition of Mad Magazine I sent still stings even though it cost me over $50 to send it…the momento was priceless. So let’s use that as an example of Delivering substance and we’ll deliver back what we think is our value for your value…KEEP EM FROSTY boys…Dad rocks!!

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