Mad at Dad Musician Death Pool


The Mad at Dad team is proud to announce our 2017 Musician Death Pool is open for business! Don’t get sad when you see that a famous musician has passed away, check to see if you had them on your list. This is fantasy football but with untimely demises. We’re using comedian Doug Stanhope’s Celebrity Death Pool site, and we have a Mad at Dad league (called a Funeral Home) on the site. There is no fee for you to play, and the overall winner at the end of the year will get a prize pack with stuff from both Slusher and Butler.

To join, you can either:

      1. send an email to and we will send you an invitation or
      2. go to the Celebrity Death Pool site and search for Mad at Dad in the Funeral Homes. Once you do that, click the “Ask to Join” button and we will hook you up.

Hurry, you have until January¬†17, 2017 to join and lock in all your picks. Don’t wait until the last minute, especially if you might have to add someone to the database. They are very responsive, but it takes time so get cracking sooner than later.

Mortality was never so much fun!