Mad at Dad – Episode for December 19, 2016


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On the fifty-second episode of Mad at Dad, Butler starts it out with Slusher’s least favorite Donovan song; Butler gets some hate mail about the Metallica track-by-track episode; Butler enjoys the Hetfield episode of the Joe Rogan podcast; Butler is in the 12 days of Podcasting and the Podcasting Secret Santa; Butler crabs and has another crab feast; Slusher tries to sell Butler on Vikings; Slusher drinks Irish whiskey in London; Slusher eats English breakfast and works the Hackathon; Slusher has a rough time getting to Gatwick; Slusher eats and siestas in Spain; Slusher goes to a casino and a speakeasy in Barcelona; Butler goes to a nude beach in Barcelona; Slusher has a rough travel day getting home; Butler gets awkward with the racial slur database  and we call it a show.