Mad at Dad – Episode for February 6, 2017: Chicken Allergies are for Tribadists


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On the fifty-sixth episode of Mad at Dad, we start out with some of Butler’s new favorite band Watershed; Butler discusses his adventures in poke poling; we discuss the deathpool, the purging and the hits so far; Slusher suggests a new segment for the Rock and Roll Geek show; we discuss his episode with Steve Conte; Butler kills a rat; Butler went to Crab Fest; Butler has a run in with The Man and makes crab cakes; Butler gets some spawning herring; the boys DO NOT hatch a plan; Butler is raising funds for a trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; the Slushers have a children’s birthday party; Slusher travels to San Diego and the boys have a Facebook slap fight; comic books, brew pub and Korean BBQ! Butler doesn’t believe in allergies; Butler didn’t get in trouble until 1 hour, 49 minutes – a new record! we close out with a song by Wyldlife.