Mad at Dad – Episode for January 16, 2017



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On the fifty-fourth episode of Mad at Dad, Butler kicks it off with a Dan Baird song; Butler has herring envy because he hasn’t fished since last show; Butler visited his daughter in Pasco WA and ate and drank his way through the town; the 2017 Deathpool is now CLOSED; Butler and son browbeat the airlines; Slusher traveled to Chicago; Butler wants a brocation to Japan with Chiaki and pays the price for it; Slusher went to a ping-pong bar and ate pork belly in Chicago; Slusher went to an arcade and pinball bar; Slusher missed a connection; both of your boys are inconsiderate pricks; Butler has a gig the same day as Crabfest and a big decision to make; Butler is starting a new podcast at