Mad at Dad – Episode for April 4, 2016


Twenty-third time is the charm! You can listen to the audio below, subscribe to the podcast feed , subscribe and rate in iTunes.

On the twenty-third episode of Mad at Dad, Michael Butler and Dave Slusher discuss their weeks; Butler talks about baseball and more turkey hunting and allergies; Slusher talks about his new podcast microphone and a sad arts festival and Outer Limits;  Butler apparently has better Lowes stores than Slusher does; Butler doesn’t understand PVC; we start a track by track of a McAuley Schenker Group album per the Rock and Roll Plebe and abandon it after one song; we play an audio comment from Australia; neither Slusher nor Butler are in the Podcast Hall of Fame; we close with new Cheap Trick.

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Mad at Dad – Episode for Nov 16, 2015


Seventh time’s the charm! You can listen to the audio below, subscribe to the podcast feed , subscribe and rate in iTunes. Sorry, no video this time. Blab kinks!

The boys discuss their weeks and talk about old people surgeries, Impractical Jokers, oyster roasts and crawfish boils, Chinese buffets, David Bowie and Michael Schenker and zydeco music plus other fun topics.

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