Mad at Dad – Episode for August 29, 2016


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On the fortieth episode of Mad at Dad, your boys have a whole new situation for the stream and cross our fingers; we play an audio comment from Eric the Rock and Roll Pleeb; Butler and Chiaki cooked and got drunk; the Dog Days of Podcasting rolls on; Michael Street sends Butler gifts; Slusher has eggs and a trip to the water park; Slusher and Ethyl eat cannoli; Butler wants to be a mascot; Slusher and Butler fully rely on God; Ethyl is in school; Sawbux is now the leader of the Death Pool; we play some Rock Hard Boner; we cover Preacher episode 1.

On the fortieth episode of Mad at Dad, your boys work with the new stream; Butler is on a parasite cleanse; we open Butler’s mail; Butler’s dog had puppies; Slusher goes to The Romantics, Night Ranger and Rick Springfield; Butler needs to be a hired gun musician; Slusher digs into the Rick Springfield show in much detail; Butler needs to go on the Rick Springfield cruise; this show has a weak merch game; Butler cooks crawfish like a BOSS; Butler plays with Featherwitch; your boys play some Rick Springfield; Slusher becomes a bouncer; Butler is on Todd Cochrane’s podcast; show next will is called on account of Dragon*Con; we close with a little more Rick Springield.