Mad at Dad – Episode for July 28, 2016


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On the thirty-sixth episode of Mad at Dad, Butler has a conversation with his family about his tract; Butler is the leader of a movement; Slusher has had it with the election cycle; special guest Tina Butler lays out the medical truths; Don loses weight the hard way and reuses diapers; Butler plays with the Butlers; Sandy Pearlman dies and Eric Peterson is on the Death Pool board; we play Patti Smith and count the n words; Butler saw Patti Smith with Tom Petty; Slusher saw Patti Smith with Ralph Nader; your boys love some old REO Speedwagon; your boys love The Babys;  Slusher goes to Chicago; Butler would run a tighter ship; Slusher had ramen; Slusher goes to the Old Town Ale House; Butler’s daughter is in the wind; Butler closes with The Cars.