Mad at Dad – Episode for October 3, 2016


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On the forty-fourth episode of Mad at Dad we start it out with Steel Panther covering Cheap Trick; Slusher was interviewed by Todd Cochrane for Podcast Legends and has a hurricane bearing down on him; Butler visited his daughter in Washington State; he drank many samples at Growler Guys; Butler enjoyed Lost Rockers; Butler drank wine and ate Japanese food; Slusher wants Butler to found a baseball streaming company; Butler talks camo Yeti knockoffs; Slusher had a two birthday party Saturday; Don gets scammed and Butler lays out his mayoral platform; Ken Kennedy innovates in the Yeti knockoff world; Slusher 3-D prints a batarang; Wayne Prndl has a death pool hit with Oscar Brand; we go out with a solo Robin Zander track.