Mad at Dad – Episode for July 28, 2016


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On the thirty-sixth episode of Mad at Dad, Butler has a conversation with his family about his tract; Butler is the leader of a movement; Slusher has had it with the election cycle; special guest Tina Butler lays out the medical truths; Don loses weight the hard way and reuses diapers; Butler plays with the Butlers; Sandy Pearlman dies and Eric Peterson is on the Death Pool board; we play Patti Smith and count the n words; Butler saw Patti Smith with Tom Petty; Slusher saw Patti Smith with Ralph Nader; your boys love some old REO Speedwagon; your boys love The Babys;  Slusher goes to Chicago; Butler would run a tighter ship; Slusher had ramen; Slusher goes to the Old Town Ale House; Butler’s daughter is in the wind; Butler closes with The Cars.

Mad at Dad – Episode for Oct 26, 2015


Third time’s the charm! Other than Blab killing the URL 5 minutes before airtime, it seemed like there was no major technical problem. You can listen to the audio below,subscribe to the podcast feed , subscribe and rate in iTunes, or watch the video.

In this episode we talked about our weekend, about eating food in North Carolina (McCalls BBQ) and San Francisco (Yu-Raku), about David Bowie and whether or not Diamond Dogs is his best album, about Queen and the Babys and Kelly Freas and lots of other crazy stuff.

Tune in every Monday at 7:15 Pacific / 10:15 Eastern, it’s a thing!