Mad at Dad – Episode for September 12, 2016


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On the forty-first episode of Mad at Dad your boys reconvene after the holiday break; we open with a song from The Jags; Butler opens mail from Tim Harrigian and the boys wish him well; is up and running; Butler had crawfish boil round two; kitchens are upstairs in the Outer Sunset; Slusher went to Dragon*Con where he spent time with Amy Bowen and spooned with Kreg Steppe; Slusher had many shenanigans; Butler saw naked dudes in the woods; Meat Loaf sounds bad on this new album and we are worried about him; Butler bagged a few dove and had a game bird cook out; both of the boys forgot their 12 year podcasting anniversaries; Butler was interviewed by Todd Cochrane; Slusher loves Steve Gillmor; we try to play new Meat Loaf and bail because it makes us sad.

Album art photo by Kyle Nishioka