Mad at Dad – Feb 20, 2017: How Are You Going To Accuse Me of Racism This Week?


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On the fifty-eighth episode of Mad at Dad, we start out with Willie Nelson and Circle Jerks; Butler is in trouble again; Michael Kirk gets a prayer to the gods of rock and roll; Butler recommends Bad Ben; Slusher mini-golfs with Ethyl; Slusher gets ready for India; Butler donates semen; Slusher spends company money; “You can do a lot of things but you can’t surprise me with this”; Slusher has a jet lag busting plan; Butler thinks Slusher is a wuss for not venturing out and also wants him to avoid street crime; Butler has a new bit, the Hyderabad India Crime Blotter; talking to wives is like talking to cops; we close with a new Dan Baird solo song.