Mad at Dad – Episode for August 29, 2016


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On the fortieth episode of Mad at Dad, your boys have a whole new situation for the stream and cross our fingers; we play an audio comment from Eric the Rock and Roll Pleeb; Butler and Chiaki cooked and got drunk; the Dog Days of Podcasting rolls on; Michael Street sends Butler gifts; Slusher has eggs and a trip to the water park; Slusher and Ethyl eat cannoli; Butler wants to be a mascot; Slusher and Butler fully rely on God; Ethyl is in school; Sawbux is now the leader of the Death Pool; we play some Rock Hard Boner; we cover Preacher episode 1.

On the fortieth episode of Mad at Dad, your boys work with the new stream; Butler is on a parasite cleanse; we open Butler’s mail; Butler’s dog had puppies; Slusher goes to The Romantics, Night Ranger and Rick Springfield; Butler needs to be a hired gun musician; Slusher digs into the Rick Springfield show in much detail; Butler needs to go on the Rick Springfield cruise; this show has a weak merch game; Butler cooks crawfish like a BOSS; Butler plays with Featherwitch; your boys play some Rick Springfield; Slusher becomes a bouncer; Butler is on Todd Cochrane’s podcast; show next will is called on account of Dragon*Con; we close with a little more Rick Springield.

Mad at Dad – Episode for Nov 16, 2015


Seventh time’s the charm! You can listen to the audio below, subscribe to the podcast feed , subscribe and rate in iTunes. Sorry, no video this time. Blab kinks!

The boys discuss their weeks and talk about old people surgeries, Impractical Jokers, oyster roasts and crawfish boils, Chinese buffets, David Bowie and Michael Schenker and zydeco music plus other fun topics.

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